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What is the point of a website, exactly?

What is the point of opening a special editor with syntax highlighting and writing HTML instead of just putting it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress or any of a scrillion other pre-existing platforms?

There used to be a sense of creativity to the act of web development. Before it became industrialized, it was somehow subversive for a single person to have their own digital space. Now it just seems like trying too hard.

But that sense of creativity doesn't have to go extinct just because the Internet has been occupied by corporations.

Does it?

And then there's the "publishing" step. It's one thing to encode your perspectives in HTML, it's another entirely to put that HTML someplace where it's publicly accessible. Isn't it a statement, like, "This is worth the bandwidth it takes to access?" Isn't any utterance a statement that, "This is worth the air it took to express it?" Maybe not.

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It's bold to assume anyone will somehow see this just by stumbling on it through the dashboard. But what if they do? Won't I be embarassed that my ramblings have wasted someone's time?

I guess not. No one's forcing you to read, right?

... Right?

That would be messed up.

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